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Our R&D originates and supports a number of commercial activities leveraging on the unique know-how we are able to build in different research areas.

Our products

Our R&D has also highly impacted the strategy and design of the in-house developed products like Symphony and Sealux, offered for the yachting and residential markets which incorporate many of the R&D assets and know-how on networks and control.
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Towards a deterministic 6G network: reliable, time sensitive and predictable

The consortium of ”PREDICT-6G - “PRogrammable AI-Enabled DeterminIstiC neTworking for 6G” is...

5G-IANA at the 2022 EuCNC & 6G Summit

After two years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 EuCNC & 6G Summit will be...

Unikernels for a quick application deployment: the unicore project concludes

March 2022 marks the end of the EU-funded UNICORE Project, after 3 years of ambitious development,...

Main Research Areas

The synergy of competences, skills and excellence for an effective and productive research activity.


A research system that combines scientific method and know-how borned from a direct relationship with the industrial production


A continuous exchange of knowledge with the most important players in the sector and focuses on projects that look to the future


A marked and consolidated aptitude for proceeding systematically, progressively and in the service of well-defined objectives


A selection of the most significant activities we are working on. These projects represent a wide range of skills and capabilities of our team, valuable assets that we put at the service of shared goals and objectives.


Developing the foundations of 6G deployment is the aim of this project, started in early 2021 by a broad consortium including all the major European players in the telco domain. The consortium is composed of key telecommunications stakeholders: operators, tech providers, manufacturers, universities, research centres and SMEs.


Starts in 2019 with the aim of developing solutions for the “zero-touch” management of services, networks and security in shared environments. The project’s consortium includes European and non- partners with a consolidated experience in 5G networks and related enabling technologies.


Implementing the synergy between AI and society is the main objective of this project, which aims at boosting industries through intelligent tools in support of human decisions. knowlEdge has started at the beginning of 2021 involving twelve European partners, the project’s results will be demonstrated in the context of three different manufacturing sectors (food, plastic-car parts and gear-car-machinery).


What projects we carry out, how we implement them and what innovative content we use.


We are speakers at international events where we present results, focuses, demos and tutorials of the research activities in which we participate.

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